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Plastic Holder - for Jewelry and watch etc

A Complete package including Jewelry and watches holders. Brand new in factory sealed box shipped in a packing box for protection


ITEM: Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner
- Principle of ultrasonic cleaning:
Under the action of ultrasonic, there will be many tiny bubbles come into being on the surface of the article that is being cleaned. The tiny bubbles will become lager and larger, then burst at last. In this way, the tiny filth will be taken away from the surface of the article into the water along with the busted bubbles. Thereby it achieves the purpose of cleaning, it is enough to make the obstinate dirt strip, and kill the bacterium, virus.
- Advantage:
1. All-pervasive. Because ultrasonic function is to take place in the whole liquid, the surface of all object that can be exposed to in the liquid can be washed, especially for complicated objects.
2. Harmless in nothing. Traditional artificial or chemistry wash method may produces the mechanical tearing or chemistry corrosion, however, supersonic wave wash do not damage goods at all.
- Function:
1. Washing: Get rid of all kind of dirt efficiency, for example: dust, grease, charcoal.
2. Disinfecting: sterilize function for staphylococcus and coliform bacteria.
3. Resolve emulsification function: Drinks and medicine can accelerate the chemical reaction under ultrasonic function, shorten refining, emulsification, compound time.
- Using:

For professional use:
Ideal for scientific labs, medical and dental clinics, tattoo shops, jewelers, nail salon, opticians, watchmakers, antique dealers, and electronics workshops, golf club etc. 

For personal and home use:
Ideal for

  • Jewelry, watches, rings, necklace, earrings, diamond, bracelets; Glasses, sunglasses, contact lens accessories, optical lenses; Nail; Coins; Dentures, combs, toothbrushes, electronic shaver head, razors, and dining appliance; Pen-heads, printer-heads, signature chops, watch parts, ancient coins, badges, valves, machine nozzles, small silverware; Electronics components, mechanical parts, and firearms; Tattoo guns and tubes, and piercing; CD/VCD/DVD disk.
Cleaning Tips:
  • General Cleaning -- Use just plain water.
  • Enhanced Cleaning -- Add a few drops of ammonia, or 5-10ml of soft  alkaline detergent or other cleaning solution into the water if the item to be cleaned is smeary or not cleaned for a long time.
  • Partly Cleaning -- For large item, clean the items with open lid. If the whole items need to be cleaned, you may clean one half in one cycle and the other half in another cycle. 
  • Deeply Cleaning & Sterilizing --Use "Enhanced Cleaning" first, and then add about 5-10ml of lotion with function of sterilization into the tank, Restart the unit and set the working time as 90S..  
Gross weight: 1.2KG 
Tank Size: 600 ml
Voltage : 220v (eg. UK )

A Complete package including Jewelry and watches holders. Brand new in factory sealed gift box shipped in a packing box for protection

Voltage: 220V pink